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Gun & Knife Show Rules
  • No loaded firearms, including personal firearms, are allowed in any MKShows, except those carried by certified Law Enforcement officers who must present  proper identification.
  • Concealed carry permits are not valid at any MKShows Gun & Knife Shows or Civil War Shows.
  • For your safety, please ensure all firearms and magazines are empty before entering the show.
  • If you bring a loaded firearm, magazine or loose ammo into the show, you will be refused entry and may be subject to prosecution.
  • Plastic cable ties are mandatory on all cartridge weapons, making them unserviceable until the tie is removed.   
  • Exhibitor Badges:  2 with the first table and 1 more for each additional table purchased. Badges must be worn during set up and show hours for your security.
  • Promoter reserves the right to remove any objectional material from any vendor's table and to refuse entry to any individual wearing clothing containing objectional language.