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Useful Information
For first time vendors, here are a few tips we hope will make your gun show experience a safe and profitable one. 
First and foremost, NO LOADED FIREARMS ALLOWED IN OUR SHOWS!  This means guns on display, guns for sale and PERSONAL CARRY GUNS!  If you carry a personal firearm, unload it before you enter the building and only re-load it after you exit the building.  If you are caught with a loaded firearm in our show, you will immediately be escorted from the show, your table packed up and you will be banned from all future shows.  Depending on the venue, you may also face criminal charges.  CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS ARE NOT VALID AT OUR SHOWS!
We provide the tables and chairs for you.  All tables are 8' x 2.5'.  You will want to bring a table cover or table cloth of some type.
We provide overnight security and use only armed law enforcement officers, most of whom have worked with us for many years.  Once we lock the building down for the night, no one is allowed in the building until I open the doors the following morning.  You are responsible for your own table security during show hours.  If you are selling firearms, we strongly recommend you secure your weapons to the table via an electronic cable system or use parachute cord to ensure no firearms are removed from your table.
At our shows we require all vendors dealing in firearms to adhere to all local, state and federal laws concerning sales, trades and purchases of modern firearms.  If you are an individual selling a personal firearm as allowed under federal law, it is incumbent upon you to verify that the purchaser is a resident of the same state as you, is over 21 years of age and possesses the proper credentials to purchase a firearm.  We make available to all vendors and attendees the current BATF rules and regulations regarding transactions at gun shows to make sure you are in compliance. 
Move in for vendors is always on Friday from 10 AM until 7 PM.  Show hours are 9 till 5 on Saturday and 10 till 4 on Sunday for all Gun Shows and 9 till 5 on Saturday and 9 till 3 on Sunday for all Civil War shows.   Dealers can get in at 7 AM on Saturday and 9 AM on Sunday (8AM for Civil War dealers).  As a vendor, you are expected to have your table uncovered and ready for business at the appropriate start time.  You are also expected to keep your table open for business until the appropriate closing time each day.
Finally, Mike Kent and Associates, LLC is a privately held corporation doing business as M K Shows and as such is under no obligation to sell or offer vendor space to any individual or corporation to participate in any of our Gun and Knife or Civil War shows.  Furthermore, Mike Kent and Associates, LLC reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual at any of our events. 
I hope this information answers most of your questions, but feel free to call me at 770-630-7296 if you have additional concerns.  Thanks and have a safe show!
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